13 Health Problems Caused by Stress and How to Fix Them

Believe it or not, health problems caused by stress are making us all sick at each passing day. According to the author of “Take the Stress Out of Your Life” Jay Winner, says that- Stress doesn’t only make us feel awful emotionally, but also exacerbate just about any health condition you can think of.

Moreover, various in-depth studies have shown many health problems caused by stress. It is a fact that stress seems to enhance and worsens the risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and many more health conditions.

If you are getting too stressed out about anything, then there is some good news. Following the best tips for stress relief will be highly beneficial in lowering your health risks.

13 Health Problems Related to Stress

Here is the sampling of the most significant health-related problems-

• Systemic or local infections

Did you know that emotional and mental stress hampers the healing of local and systemic infections? Moreover, it is a fact that the stress drains your body of +ve energy.

This is one of the major health problems caused by stress, as it strives to cope with the demanding worry of your issues. Moreover, for the human body immune system to heal infection injuries or illnesses, adequate energy is needed.

Putting stress out of your mind and rest is essential when you are suffering from an infection. In addition to that, it is important to delegate tasks so that you don’t have to worry about them while trying to get well.

• Heart Disease

Researchers have found that the stressed out, type A personality has a higher risk of heart and BP problems. The main health problems caused by stress directly increase blood flow and heart rate. This promotes the release of TG’s and cholesterol in the bloodstream.

In addition to that, it is possible that stress is related to other things such as- the enhanced likelihood of obesity and smoking. These indirectly enhance heart disease risks.

• Insomnia

Today’s hectic life schedules along with the worries and uncertainty of the future are the major contributors of insomnia. Some people have worries about their jobs, while others have health-related issues.

There are many contributors to stress-related insomnia that can significantly disrupt your quality of life. In order to avoid insomnia/sleeplessness caused by stress, you should do the following- don’t exercise at least 3 hours before going to bed, avoid caffeine, and drink milk before bedtime.

The best thing you can do before going to bed is to fill your mind with peaceful thoughts and try to be stress-free.

• Gastrointestinal Problems

You might be thinking that stress doesn’t cause ulcers. That’s Right! But what you don’t know is it can make them worse for sure. In addition to this, various studies have shown that stress is one of the common culprits of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and other GI conditions.

• Accelerated Aging

Yes!! You heard it right. There is actual evidence that supports the effect of stress on your age. Moreover, a study was done to compare the DNA of mothers who were under stress caring for their terminally ill children with those who were not was conducted.

It revealed that a region of chromosomes showed accelerated aging. This concluded that stress played a huge part in accelerating the pre-aging scenario.

• Circulatory Problems

This is one of many health problems caused by stress that makes your veins and arteries to tighten up. This is the response to flight or fight complex. This can prove fatal as the compression reduces the blood flow through the body and can cause strokes, and blood clots.

• Depression and Anxiety

It is no surprise that depression and anxiety are the health problems caused by stress. Moreover, chronic stress is related to higher rates of anxiety and depression.

According to the recently conducted surveys, those who had stress-related jobs had a 90% chance of developing depression than their counterparts with less stress.

• Eating Disorders

Do you feel overwhelmed by stress and ever reached for something sweet?

If it is so, then you are not alone!

Numerous individuals react to stress by feeding an eating pattern which comprises of carbohydrate-laden foods. These cause your blood sugar to the first skyrocket and then plummet, often leaving you to feel worse than ever.

Sometimes avoiding these foods aren’t easy; therefore you can instead switch to either butter popcorn or crisp veggies. Moreover, the fiber-rich veggies will keep you full and healthy.

In addition to this, eating a high balanced diet will also calm your nerves. I will also keep you on top of the stressful situations and coping will be easier.

• Headaches

Do you know that stress is one of the main culprits of chronic headaches? It also includes migraines as well as tension headaches too.

• Diabetes

Other health problems caused by stress include diabetes. The stress worsens diabetes in two ways i.e. it promotes the likelihood of bad behaviors such as excessive drinking and unhealthy eating. The second thing is it increases the blood sugar levels of the people with type 2 diabetes.

• Obesity

The belly fat poses an even greater threat than that of the thighs and hips. Moreover, people with high stress have the tendency of developing belly fat.

A hormone called cortisol is released in huge amounts in stress, which in turn increases the amount of fat deposited in the abdomen.

• Asthma

Newer studies have shown that stress aggravates asthma. Moreover, the evidence suggests that the stress in parents enhances the risk of asthma in their children too. An in-depth study looked at how stress affected asthma rates in kids, and whose mothers smoked during pregnancy.

Those subjected to stress were found to be at substantial risk of developing asthma.

• Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Most of the people spend their time hunched over mobile or computer screens. So, it is no surprise that your shoulder, neck, and back are the most common health complaints.

Moreover, the mental strain or physical inactivity doesn’t only create spinal stenosis or disk tears that plague aged people. As the pain kicks in, stress can increase its duration and severity.

According to researches, individuals with stressful jobs are prone to back, neck, and shoulder pain. In addition to this, stress-induced inflammation prevents the healing that can make pain recede.

Ways to Cope up with Stress

Here are a few stress relief ways you can try, the next time you feel stressed-

• Reframe the Situation

Suppose you are already late and also find yourself stuck in terrible traffic jam. Well, getting stressed up is a normal reaction, but it is of no help at all.

Instead of pounding on the steering and getting worked up, get a different perspective. Look at the time as an opportunity and a few minutes to yourself where you have no obligations. Besides that, you can also go through our next blog post on top 5 easy ways to get fit without going to the gym in the next section.

• Deep Breathing

It is indeed a fact that deep breathing can calm your nerves down in a stressful situation. The best thing is to relax and deep breathing in the specific times of the day.

Breathing out relaxes a specific muscle group, thereby relieving stress. You can begin with the muscles in the jaw and the next to relax your shoulders and breathe out. Moreover, you can move through various areas of the body until you get calm.

• Keep Your Problems in Perspective

It can be better to think of those things that you are grateful when you are feeling stressed. Stress manifests when we focus on a particular problem that we lose perspective. Moreover, this process can be really effective for stress relief.

The Bottom Line

These were a few health problems caused by stress and the tips on how to get relief from them. In addition to that, learning meditation and other relaxation techniques will help you cope up with stress.

“Try to avoid stress by any means possible and be healthy”


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