5 Awesome Fashion Tips For Women You Should Know

Young women are always at war with themselves.

No, really!

Now before you exit this webpage, read on to find out what it exactly means.

Trying to look chic and stylish daily is a constant battle — a battle not many are able to fight through. After all, not everyone can be Jackie Kennedy or Grace Kelly, right?

That said, while no one can promise that you will be the next first lady or a celebrated diva, this article sure can help you with your constant battle with fashion.

And that’s why this article talks about up some of the most useful fashion tips for women to emulate and exude elegance like Jackie Kennedy.


Well, you should be!

Because after you are done reading all these amazing fashion tips for women, staying at the top of your fashion game will be a lot less daunting.

So, let’s get started.

1. Know What You Have In Your Wardrobe And Where It Is

You would probably think that you obviously know what you have in your wardrobe — how is it one of the fashion tips?

Okay then, here’s a question for you, “Do you know where you kept that black dress you purchased last summer?”

You can’t find it, can you? *rolling my eyes*

This is what the aforementioned statement was talking about. And this is something that often happens with a lot of women.

You sleep through your alarm and are now in a hurry — otherwise, you are likely to get an earful from your boss. Now you will quickly pull on a pair of chic black trousers but the structured shirt you often pair with it is missing.

Crap! Where the heck did I keep it?

But you know you are at the risk of getting late so you just make do with some random shirt and head out in a rush.

If only you knew where you kept that shirt, you could have gone to work with a rocking ensemble.

So, to make sure that this doesn’t happen again — do spend at least two days in the month sorting out your wardrobe and reminiscing what articles you have in your wardrobe.

Better yet, separate your clothes according to the occasion. For instance, designate a separate column for your weekend attires and a different one for your workwear.

This is one of the most overlooked fashion tips for women, but it is worth implementing.


2. Scared Of Experimenting With Color? Don’t Be!

This is undoubtedly one of the most important fashion tips for women because so many women have conditioned themselves into believing that if nothing works, you can go for something black.

While this isn’t necessarily false but it is also a great fashion statement to experiment with colors.

Moreover, your adoration for black should not stop you from embracing so many wonderful colors — they will not only make you stand out from the norm but also make you look like a million bucks.

However, this is not to say that you go out wearing a fuchsia colored trouser or wearing something totally absurd.

But adding a pop of color to your whole ensemble is always a great idea. If you are a bit skeptical about this, you can start off with smaller items such as a bold colorful handbag or a pair of snazzy heels.


3. Get In Touch With A Seamstress Or A Seamster  

This is not exactly a new fashion tip for women — even the women from Victorian-era knew the importance of a good seamstress.

After all, clothes that are perfectly tailored and fit your body proportion look far better than something that seems to be bursting through the seams.

Just envision this scenario: you go past a store but immediately skid to a halt seeing a gorgeous dress on the mannequin through the window. You can’t help but wish to buy. And voila, It’s in your budget.

What more could you want, right?

However, there’s one problem you did not think through. It is loose from the waist and doesn’t accentuate it as you would like it to do.

And this is where a good seamstress comes into the game. If you are already in touch with an experienced seamstress, she can easily add a dart or two in order to transform the dress to fit you like a glove.

So the next time you are about to dishearteningly move on from the store because you think you can’t buy your favorite outfit, first browse through the list of great seamstresses in your locality.


4. Always Carry Perfume & A Great Lipstick

Coco Chanel, the fashion maestro, once famously quipped, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”

While the reality is not as drastic but a great perfume is excessively important nonetheless.

Nothing exudes your inner diva more than a spritz of a good perfume. Similarly, a quick slick of lipstick also goes a long way in making you wholeheartedly embrace your inner fashionista.

Along with perfume and a great lipstick, another fashion tip is to always carry a small, foldable umbrella with you. After all, you never know when you get ambushed by a sudden downpour.

Moreover, what would you do if you are suddenly invited to a last-minute gathering? Looking flustered never goes with any attire. Thus, in such scenarios carrying a bottle of perfume, lipstick and an umbrella always come in handy.


5. Find Your Signature Style — And Own It Like Audrey Hepburn

Do you know why people, to this day, talk about Audrey Hepburn’s grace and elegance? Young girls today are trying to emulate her style and so many fashion tips for women articles talking about her signature clothes?

The answer lies with the buzzword “signature style.”

Her style was distinguished which made her stay apart from the herd. And that’s the reason why so many people are still crazy about her style and grace.

So, instead of always on the lookout for “latest fashion tips for women,” it would be better if you try to spend some time honing your own signature style. What looks good on Blake Lively doesn’t necessarily mean will look good on you — so it’s always a great idea to carve your own fashion style rather than simply wearing what everyone is wearing. If you want to know about the latest fashion trends, then go through the next blog section.

And fashion is not about buying clothes and wearing them in the same manner as everyone else — fashion is all about experimenting with your attires and never fearing what everyone else will think.


Summing It All Up

So, this is it! These were some of the most useful fashion tips for women to follow and emulate. But as mentioned in our ending paragraph, the most fashion-forward people are those who carve their own signature style rather than blindly following the latest fashion trends.

A woman is excessively known by her grace and style — so, carry all the fashion essentials with you and most importantly, don’t forget to give yourself at least two days in a month to sort out your cupboard.


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