5 Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2019

Video editing is one heck of a job that a device has to perform. While on PC’s it needs decent specs, loads of storage including RAM to make it work.  Mobile phones don’t have this much power and specs to do the editing jobs. But there are a few apps that can surely do basic level stuff pretty well.Here are the 5 best video editor apps for android in 2019-

It is a convenient video editing tool with a well-designed interface and good features. You can upload various media files and it allows drag n drop option. Moreover, in order to create videos very quickly, it offers remarkable levels of control. In addition to this, you can also insert subtitles, blocks of text, and transition in b/w video fragments.

If you want to make fun videos, then this Funimate video editor This application can perform everyday moments into videos. It has the automatic enabling sharing option to various social websites. In addition to this, it has over 20 advanced video effects specially designed to match for editing short videos.

It is one of the best and newer generation video editor applications. If you need your videos to be simple, then this is the app for you. You can add many video clippings and more than 50 photos in this app. It will analyze these videos and split out the best short videos from them. Moreover, the Quik comprises of 2 dozen styles of videos and you can also customize them before exporting. It may not be much powerful, but it can do the job for you without hassle.

  • Movie Maker Filmmaker

This video editor deservedly enters in this list. This application is fully loaded with the various editing tools that are easy to work with. Some of them include- music slideshows, live video effects, motion track animation, and many more. Moreover, the app is very useful and easy to use for making short videos.

  • VideoShow Video Editor

It has emerged in one of the 5 best video editor apps for android in 2019 recently. Being a simple app, it allows you to trim, and organize your video clips. In addition to this, you can find some of the other features such as- adding emojis, or text videos etc. To add more fun, you can also use it for Twitter, Facebook, and many blogger productions. Apart from that also get to know about 5 must-have Apple watch applications in the next blog.

End Note

Hopefully, you would’ve found this list of 5 best video editor apps to be useful enough? Use them and get to experience something different each time. Enjoy!


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