Best Fashion Trends You Need to Know in 2019

The dressing trends in 2018 have already set the tone for this year. In this blog, we will be tapping for the evergreen trends for inspiration. This year will we will be wearing a more approachable iteration of runaway look. After all wearing the trendy outfits is the main goal this year. Here we have compiled all the big fashion trends that you need to know in 2019.

Take a look at some of the best fashion trends in 2019-

• Nerd Chic

Do you know that the hype of Star Wars has infiltrated the pop culture? Moreover, it has generated the fashion as well as beauty lines. The nerd chic along with the fangirl styles aren’t limited to the movies. These continue to assert itself in this year too beyond the graphic tees. Attires that are associated with nerdiness, will also shift to a high fashion skew.

• Velvet

It is true that the color velvet is not the domain of the paintings of Elvis Presley. But its luxe fabric is will be reserved for the holiday seasons. In addition, you will also see velvet blazers including slip dresses of velvet. The inclusion of lighter colors into this summer outfit will give it a modern appeal.

• Large Floral Prints

It has been a notion that the floral prints are reserved for the closets of grannies. But the large floral prints will be the next trend in this year. It is basically nixing small prints including the pastels in favor of striking points. These may have gone out of trend for sometimes, but not now.

• Women’s suits

The women’s suits will be even more prominent in 2019. Moreover, the empowering cultural moment will impact the fashion trends. This is because most of the women are choosing those outfits that express their confidence. In addition, the suits are no longer called the menswear. You can see women rocking the suits, be it the red carpet, or streets.

• French Riviera Style

You must know that 2019 is all about the nautical and French Riviera looks. Some of the best French styles that will add to your beauty include- feminine detailing, whites and light blues, subtle mariner stripes, and many more. You can also find the best pyjama styles for men in the next post.

• Lavender Tones

Pantone color may have been of the ultra violet in the previous year, but if we talk about the street style stars, they prefer a soft trend this season. Light purple is certainly stylish, the fashionistas have proved that it is one of the best shades from lavender family.

These can be worn in the form of head to toe ensembles, dresses, boots etc. Moreover, this feminine and flattering color adds a fabulous touch to your looks. Try this if you are up to something subtle yet exciting.

• Neo-Gothic

This is also an inclusion in the list of the bets fashion trends, if you want to embrace your dark side. Try the neo-gothic look and to wear the trend, you can follow the pair an all black ensemble. Moreover, you can wear whatever you desire, but don’t forget to keep the vibration dark.

• Boiler Suits

These suits have become the most worn and are fashionable. These were actually designed as as one piece apparel for the purposes of manual labour. Just choose the color and cut you like to rock the ultimate look of yourself.

In addition to this you can also find them in a wide variety of styles available and you won’t be short on styles.

• Coloured Tartan

Talking about Paris, or New York, the Tarton appeared on their streets. If we talk about the actual fashion week style, the traditional prints weren’t worn subtly. It was put on all over in the most alluring colors by the entire fashion pack.

If you want to try one for yourself, then pick up a pair of pants, a tarton suit, featuring the classic patterns of various bold colors.

• Patchwork

Gone are those days when patchwork was known as the craft of your grand moms. Today it has become one of the best fashion trends from NY to Paris, patchwork is visible on the streets outside fashion shows.

Moreover, the overall look itself is highly eye catching and eclectic. In order to enhance your look, allow the patchwork piece to be the prime focus of your outfit. You can also team this up with simple accessories and block colored garments.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you must be aware now about the best fashion trends in 2019. You may also find other fashion trends too, but the main thing is to know about them all.


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