Essential Yoga Class Rules You Should Follow

There has been a notion that getting the heels to touch the mat is considered as Yoga practice. But it is much more than spending time on a mat. Yoga is basically away of life, lifestyle, and if you practice it regularly with devotion, then you’ll be fully aware of its huge impact on your life. If you are new to yoga,or a seasonal veteran, who sometimes wonders-

Is this the right way to do yoga?

Then this blog will guide you towards the yoga etiquette in order to get the most out of it.

Before Getting to the Class

  • Know about the level of the signed class

First of all, there is absolutely no shame in trying an intro level class. Even if you are a fit, yoga has its own pacing and vocabulary. Throwing yourself into an advanced class wouldn’t be fruitful, then joining a basic Vinyasa class. Moreover, the influence of a seasoned yoga teacher will be able to tone the class down, in order to accommodate the students. However, this won’t be completely fair to the rest of the students.

If you are an experienced student, who practices with newcomers, pay due respect to them too, rather than flying into a handstand every few minutes.

  • Perfect yoga outfit

It is true that yoga is all about feeling comfortable and at ease in your skin, therefore it is essential to wear outfits you can move in. You can also ask your yoga instructor to help you in choosing the right adjustments. In addition, you can also read our next blog to know about the ways to stay fit without gym.

  • Tell the instructor about your physical condition

This is one of the yoga class rules which is a must for everyone. If you have a physical injury or any other condition which restricts you from doing certain steps, then it is vital to tell your instructor about it. It will certainly benefit you if you keep your yoga teacher in the loop so that he will be able to help you better with various adjustments.

During the Class

  • It is important to switch off or keep your mobile in a silent mode during the class. Look when your job requires you to be on the phone, then so be it, but when there is no need (urgent call exception) then you should put it away or keep it silent.
  • When you are in the final phases of the class, then Savasana is usually practiced. In this final pose, you have to lie like a corpse, so that your mind and the entire nervous system settle down.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing is to enjoy your yoga practice, and remember that patience always pays off. Another thing is that don’t enroll yourself in any yoga class,only thorough research should be done before doing so.

So, keep smiling, impart love, and enjoy life to the fullest……


Vaibhav Zaroo

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