Great Money Saving Tips to Get You Started

Nowadays anyone can turn their financial life around, no matter where you’re on your financial journey. Sometimes all it takes the first step in the right direction to get things done. That is why this article has been created so that you can know about the money saving tips and start implementing it today onwards.

Although not life-changing, still they can make quite a difference if you implement them. Moreover, some of them might take a bit of effort, and others may take minutes. Just go through these money saving tips and try to use them in your life.

• Master the 30-Day Rule

One of the important rules of personal finance and waiting for a month on a purchase is a good way to implement instant gratification. Moreover, after implementing this 30-day rule, your urge to purchase should have passed.

Waiting for a while will give you a good perspective on whether it is truly worth if you are on the fence about buying anyway.


• Install a Programmable Thermostat

It will be an absolute no brainer installing a programmable thermostat if you want to cut down on power usage when at home. Simply set it to cool or heat at different times, in order to ensure that the utilities aren’t wasted. Especially, when you are either asleep or at work and save well in the process.


• Share Your Dreams with People You Care

You must be thinking of how this could enter into the list of money saving tips, Right! But just think about it, spending time with your loved ones, you will come to some consensus about your goals. Moreover, it will help you to plan it and encourage each other to be fit financially.


• Declutter to Save Your Sanity and Some Cash

Look for those items that you really don’t need at all. We all tend to keep those things that are of no need without any reason. If you do find those items, get rid of them immediately. It may be of some value to others and you will be able to perceive the value of your house.


• Cancel Magazine Subscriptions

This is a good inclusion in this list of money saving tips. Almost every individual has a pile of unread magazines just sitting around the house. It is most likely the result of a subscription you made a few years ago. The best thing would be to cancel the subscription and request for a refund too.

You may not always get refunded, but it is worth a try. Moreover, if you don’t even ask, you would you be sure, that they may or may not refund. It’s worth a shot!


• Brown Bag Your Lunch

Taking your own lunch instead of buying at work can be good to save some bucks. Maybe it won’t be possible every day, but try to make your own lunch at least a couple of times a week. You can enjoy your brown bag lunch, with some thoughtful lunch preparation within minutes.


• Inflate Your Tires

You lose 1 percent on the gas mileage for each PSI of air pressure in tires under recommended levels. Moreover, various individuals have a 5 or 10 PSI pressure of tires below normal levels, meaning you can enhance your gas mileage by inflating your tires. Isn’t that cool!

You just have to go through the car’s manual, in order to see what the normal air pressure is. You can visit a gas station and ask for a tire gauge. Check your tires, then utilize this pump to fill them up.


• Carpool

You may avail the benefit of carpool if you live near a person you work with. If it is so, then you should give it a thought whether to take a car back and forth every day. Moreover, doing so will surely save you money including wear and tear on both automobiles.


• Hit the Library

Almost every one of us goes to a library to borrow a book, but it is more than that. Instead, look at this place as a source of various useful things. You can either use it to learn a foreign language, grab local newspapers, or keeping up with the community. Plus it costs nothing!


• Quit Smoking

Are you still smoking? If so, then you have to know that it is not only costly but deadly too. Wouldn’t it be good if you add years to your life and save more money. STOP SMOKING!! Use anti-smoking products, or switch to e-cigarettes to buy some time.


• Maximize Yard Sales

In order to score good deals on items, yard sales will be a good place. It can be anything like sports equipment, shoes, housewares, and clothing etc. Moreover, it is necessary not to use the low prices found at sales for any excuse to purchase things.

A good idea would be to limit yourself in buying items already in your inventory.


• Cancel Unused Club Memberships

This scenario has become common where you pay dues at a club but never use. Be it a country club or gym membership. If you find that you aren’t using them, then cancel it.

You can always avail the chance to renew the membership anytime if you make a plan to use it.


• Remove Your Credit Card Numbers From Your Online Accounts

It is very tempting to spend online knowing that your credit card information stored in an account. It is a very bad habit and the way to break this is to remove all the card details from the account.

You should think about why you are spending so much money. Taking an extra step is all what you need to convince yourself you don’t need it.


• Join a Volunteer Program

In order to involve yourself in a positive project, or meeting new people, volunteering is a great way. Moreover, it lifts your spirits and comes without paying anything. It provides entertainment and fulfilling day when in the right mindset.

Giving time for more volunteering, serving communities or groups is the hands down thing to do. Isn’t this a good inclusion in money saving tips. Sure it is.


• Consolidate Your Student Loans

This could be the time to consolidate your student loans because interest rates are low nowadays. Well, it is just a single way to tackle the student loan. Also, consider the other student loan consolidation packages available too.

Suppose you have a loan of $10,000, then a 1 percent reduction saves you $100 per year. Moreover, your loan will be bigger than that and cut-rate you will get is huge.


• Use a Surge Protector

It is true for your computer equipment and entertainment unit. Spending on a basic surge protector and plugging your devices in it will ensure that a power surge doesn’t damage your electronic items. Moreover, if you want to save more then unplugging any device you aren’t using to avoid phantom energy.


• Don’t Beat Yourself up When You Make a Mistake

It is a fact that when we make plenty of good choices we don’t cherish it. And one wrong choice, we beat ourselves up. In case you made a mistake, then realize it and think about why you did it. Then apply it later on! The memory of that mistake may eventually end up valuable.


• Use an Effective Coupon Strategy

Utilizing coupons in conjunction with your shopping store flyer and grocery list can be a good money saver. Implementing this strategy will boost your savings both through coupons and initial sale savings. This also a good inclusion in this list of money saving tips.

In addition to that, it will also help you to avoid buying items that have no use to you. This is because you have coupons or discounts to cater to them.


• Get a Crock Pot

This point also comes in this money saving tips list. In order to reduce the cooking costs in a busy family, a slow cooker/crockpot is the best thing to have. It is so much easier; you just have to add the ingredients before leaving for work. Put it on a simmer, and boom the dinner is done when you are at home.

Moreover, you can find various recipes for all types of food. Cooking in this way will save you hefty bucks in comparison to eating outside. In addition, the crock pot meals are good as leftovers, which is also a money saving option.


• Pack Food for Road Trips

Take some time to pack your meals, whenever you are ready to hit the road. Instead of eating in the middle of the trip to a restaurant, and paying more will only enhance the spending process. Having your own food means less expenditure, and eating either on the road or a nice park.

You should know if you are on a saving mode, then avoiding the convenience foods will be a good idea. Moreover, they are expensive and you should avoid them when possible.

These money saving tips will surely help you in achieving big results. In addition to this, you can also go through our other awesome blog post about the types of sewing needles and their uses in the other section.



So you have learned about the money saving tips. If you have also given serious thought about frugal living, then this might be the blog for you to read. In addition, you should understand that being savvy with your hard earned money never gets old.


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