How to Escalate Your Push up Challenge Efforts

Do you by any chance think that pushups is a punishment of drop and give me 50?If so, then change this notion, because it is a strength building exercise, for your whole torso. In order to help you in building the strength towards pushups, you have to keep your hands elevated on a bench and start. But if it is a 30-day push up challenge, then it is important to start on a strong note.

So, here is how you can escalate your push up challenge with these following tips-

  • Maintain form

First things first, you must understand that for every exercise, you need to maintain proper form. In order to reap the benefits of muscle building, doing the exercise correctly is vital. Not only muscle building, but you are also in directly protecting yourself from certain injuries too.

Step 1

Adjust your body with hands under the shoulders in a straight line in a plank position. Try to contract your abs so that your back doesn’t arch including no sagging of hips.

Step 2

You should keep your hips level maintained, and bend your elbows as you lower the body. The elbows should be an approx 45-degree angle to the body and simultaneously push yourself up.

  • Small set reps

Well, it may seem at first to complete maximum reps possible, but you should understand that it is not about one time. Don’t be tough on yourself, do few reps at a time and take smaller breaks in between. For instance, you can do some reps in the morning and then in the evening. In the end, it only comes to the reps you ultimately do in a day.

  • Try different variations

It is possible that you may feel boredom doing the same pushups every time. Just change things up by trying different variations such as- wide-arm push-ups, along with the diamond pushups so as to target your entire biceps area. In

In addition to this, you can also try single arm pushups, downward dog and knee pushups too. This is also an integral pat of your push up challenge effort.

  • Work With What You Have

One of the best things about doing pushups is that it can be done anytime and anywhere. You can do it while watching TV, inclined or decline against the couch or even if you are waiting for someone.

  • Stretching

Last but not least is the final stretch out. It holds importance because you would have done many pushups, and stretching out your muscles is also necessary. Some of these effective stretching exercises also include- Triceps stretch, Chest stretch, and Wrist circles & circles. For information regarding the best fashion trends in 2019, read our next blog.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, these few tips may come in handy and can escalate your pushup challenge. So, with this stay strong, tight, and prepare for the next big thing coming your way…….


Vaibhav Zaroo

Vaibhav Zaroo is an expert content writer and SEO expert of I have interest in various niches such as- technology, health, home decor, and many more topics. My dedication to his job sets him apart from the competition

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