Know About the Types of Sewing Needle and Their Use

Is a sewing needle suited to all types of fabrics? Of course, the answer is NO. This is because different projects need different needles. Whether you are sewing with hand or a machine, there is definitely a needle designed especially for machine type, fabric, or every stitching job. So in order to figure out which one suits you the best you can go through his guide-

Choose the Right Needle for the Job

  • Wedge Point Needles

If you want vinyl or leather sewing, then this type of sewing needle is the right one for you. This type of needle is quite sturdy as well as thicker than most of the needles. Being a small sized needle, it can surely be used in both pliable and soft leather. Moreover, if you want to use these for heavy leather, then choose a bigger size.

  • Quilting Point Needle

Do you want a sewing needle that can stitch fabric layers? If so, then a quilting needle can come in handy. It comes with a trapped point which allows stitching all the fabric layers. As compared to others, it is hard and small.

  • Topstitch Needles

In order to make a row of continuous stitches on a visible part of the fabric, using a topstitching needle will be good. It is known as one of the best needles for the stitching work. Moreover, it comes with a deep groove along with a large extra eye. For doing heavy topstitching it is the most important tool.

  • Universal Point Needles

If you want to knit a fabric or for a sewing machine, then the universal point needle can be used.  This sewing needle can easily slip through the fabric waves, and also if you are sewing with woven fabric. If you are afraid whether it will destroy the delicate knit fabrics, then don’t worry, as it is made accordingly.

  • Embroidery Needles

These types of needles are specially designed for embroidery projects. Also known as the self-threading needles, these can easily pass through any embroidery cloth and fabric. In order to accommodate thick threads, these come with bigger eyes. In addition to this, it also protects the embroidery threads from being unraveling. Also, read the section about sewing for beginners in our next blog post.

End Note

Whenever you begin with a sewing project, just keep in mind what type of needle to be used. Because using the wrong needle can make your entire project hard to accomplish.


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