Search Engine Marketing (SEM)-What Is It and How It Works

Search Engine Marketing is a digital strategy utilized to enhance the visibility of a website in SERP. Previously it was referred to as both paid and search engine optimization (both organic search activities). And now it has almost changed to paid search advertising.

Why is it Important?

Nowadays, Search Engine Marketing has become one of the crucial strategies to increase a business’s reach. Moreover, with numerous consumers shopping & researching for online products, SEM has become necessary.

Do you know it is an efficient way for an organization to spend its marketing dollars? This is because the advertisers pay for impressions that eventually result in visitors, in Search Engine Marketing. In addition to this, every visitor eventually improves the web rankings in organic results.

Moreover, the best part is that the SEM is non-intrusive unlike other majorities of digital advertising. With producing immediate results, it has become the fastest way to drive traffic to a website.

How it Works

In order to ensure relevant results are returned for every search, Search engines utilize some complex algorithms. Moreover, the sponsored advertisements appear at the top one side of the SERP to get more prominence if compared to organic results in paid advertising.

It can be best understood by taking an example- If you are a customer who is looking for a product/service. Then you would type in your keywords in a search engine. And you will come across numerous ads of the companies whose term matches in your search.

These types of advertisements appear in the most prominent page locations. It is highly likely you will click on the paid listing because they are highly relevant to your search. Also read our post on SEO and its importance in next section.

SEM From the Perspective of a Marketer

A marketer can get a campaign up and running in a short time because SEM networks are self serve operations. In addition to that, a marketer is prompted when setting up a campaign-

•    Choose the keywords related to their website/product

•    Choosing a geographic location to display the advertisement

•    Displaying a text-based advertisement in search results

•    Bidding on a price for each click on their advertisement

In addition to this, there are various examples of search ad networks-

•    Google Adwords ( much larger network)

•    Bing Ads (pricing is low)

The Bottom Line

If you want to spend your marketing dollars efficiently, then there is no better way than search engine marketing. Moreover, implementing this tool step by step and you will explore the results for your brand/business.


Vaibhav Zaroo

Vaibhav Zaroo is an expert content writer and SEO expert of I have interest in various niches such as- technology, health, home decor, and many more topics. My dedication to his job sets him apart from the competition

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