Top 10 PC Games to Download for Free

The one good thing, among several others of course, which computer invention back in the 90s brought to the whole world was games. And that too, games which can be downloaded absolutely free of cost and enjoyed for unlimited periods. Now it couldn’t get better than this, could it? Playing games has always been popular among people of all age groups. And, computer games brought back the indescribable joy of playing even among those who are not kids anymore. They helped restore the innocence of childhood in adults, something that’s truly the need of the hour in today’s world of rat race.

PC games, as they are popularly known as since they can be run on our Personal Computer (desktop/laptop), have gained immense popularity within a very short span.

Let’s look at some of the best PC games free download that are easily available online and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Top 10 PC Games to Enjoy at Leisure

1. Legacy: Witch Island 2

A sequel to the most successful and longest-played PC game, Witch Island 2 continues to enthral its players this season too.

Task – To collect all the relevant clues that can help you get to the ancient prophecy and win against the evil witch who is trying to find you and take over the mystery island.

Plot – You are back in the mystery island just like before. In the first season of the game, you’d been betrayed by your own lover, Peter, while fighting the witch. This time, you have to fight her again and she’s returned after getting back all her powers and is behind you.

What makes the game popular – A fun-filled adventure journey on a fantasy island with some amazing hidden objects to look for and an engaging story plot. For those who’ve played the first part of the game, the sequel leaves them in awe as the truth behind Peter’s betrayal gets revealed.

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2. Dig the Ground

This image shows a logo of a game Dig the ground

This is another of the most popular PC games free download currently trending on the Internet. It’s difficult to stop once you start playing it.

Objective – To dig deeper in search of the treasure

Task – Find your way through the manipulative magical jewels to reach the sacred treasure chest. The game has only one objective and that is to clear all the jewel tiles that stand as obstacle between you and the treasure chest.

How to Play – The only way you can hope to cross these obstacles is by matching 3 identical magical jewels so that the tile close to the jewel set disappears, making way for you to move forward in the game. If you can manage to match 5 or more jewels of the same kind, they will explode, thereby destroying more tiles in that area.

Game popularity – More than 20 challenges to clear, high-quality sound and visual effects that give it a realistic feel, and available free-to-download full version

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3. Insane Monster Truck Racing

This image shows a truck race logo

As the name suggests, the game is insanely exciting and captivating through the end. It is sure to raise your adrenalin levels to a high as you race for speed all through the enormous race that you’re a part of. Easily available in the many PC games free download versions.

Task – Defeat the other players in the race while avoiding to dash against several checkpoints en route the race track. Clear various challenge levels to unlock more powerful trucks.

Special features – You are on board a heavy ATV truck with in-built nitro booster that can set it racing at amazingly high speed. The game comes with larger-than-life graphics and powerful visual effects. You can choose to race on 18 different kinds of tracks and attempt to unlock 26 various achievements throughout the game.

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4. Aqua Bubble 2

This image shows aqua bubble 2 game  logo

A highly popular among the PC games available today on the Internet. This one is a particular favourite among little ones who would love to try their hand at bubble shooting as they try to save the Aquatic town from drowning in the flood.

Task – Become the skilled bubble shooter that the town needs at this crucial hour of flood attack. Be there on time and save the deadly wave from hitting the town.

Plot – This is a sequel to the ever-popular Aqua Bubble, another hot favourite in PC games free download versions. Now too, the Aquatic town is threatened by a looming bubble flood hit by which the town is sure to be doomed. You can be the saviour that safeguards the town by shooting down all the bubbles.


5. Clutter V: Welcome to Clutterville

This image shows clutter V game logo

One of the best puzzles of all times, this one is sure to keep you thinking for a long time. Enjoy the thrill of solving numerous mysterious puzzles as you delve deeper into each level. A must-download to get your brain cells activated.

Objective – To explore 12 mines bursting with clutter, sliders, box quotes and much more

What makes it popular – The 5th in the same series, this seems to be the best Clutter so far. The game moves at a lightning pace and gets tougher with each level, with difficulty at par with that of Tetris. More than 100 levels to play and solve – Classic Clutter, Brick Blockers, Close Counts, and many more – you won’t get bored with this one any sooner.

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6. Lucky Spider Solitaire

This image shows lucky solitaire game logo

This evergreen classic cards game has always been an all-time favourite among people of all age groups. This latest version is here to put your extraordinary patience, skills, and luck to test. Try this out from your PC games free download kit today.

What makes it stand out – Solitaire has been there on PCs ever since they were first introduced in the market. Spider Solitaire is a slight variant to the normal series as it makes this simple-looking game more tougher, exciting, and not easy to leave. Moreover, sharp features, realistic graphics, and artistically designed game board make it a must-have in your kitty of PC games.

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7. Rail Nation

This image shows a game logo of rail nation

An exclusive chance to experience the railways from up and close. One of the most popular strategy games trending online today, this one will take you on a journey into the world of railways where you can build your very own railway empire.

Task – To create an extensive rail network that connects all the cities and industries displayed on the given map. Find shorter and more profitable routes, get stuck, find solutions, and enjoy the thrill of this latest strategy game available today on the Internet.

How to play –Test your time management skills as you get on board a train simulation. You are a railroad businessman and you need to create your train empire as you move on. The game gives you a chance to get into the technical aspects of station buildings as also the nitty-gritties of being the owner of a strategic business. You need to route your railroad maps and find out more profitable routes as you move along the tracks.

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8. Invention 2

If you are looking for a 3D gaming experience online among the array of PC games free download, then this one’s for you. A unique 3D first-person shooting game with RPG elements, Invention 2 is sure to impress you until the very end.

What to do – Enter the creepy city of monsters to search for a cure to the virus that has infected everyone around and turned them into a monster.

What makes it popular – The game will give you a somewhat similar feel as fighting the zombies. You are in the midst of a scary town which has been infected by a strange kind of virus that is turning everybody who comes in contact with it into a monster.

You have been entrusted with the responsibility to enter into the heart of this spooky city and search for a possible cure to this deadly virus. Make every move with great caution. Remember that human body scent attracts these monsters to you. Fire at their very sight and upgrade your weapons as you move along each level.

Special features – Thrilling sound and visual effects that can make you shudder and challenges that seem impossible to accomplish.


9. World Cricket Championship 2

The cricket fever never seems to fizz out with this adorable cricket game which is a popular favourite among ardent cricket fans. Easily available from the wide range of PC games free download to choose from, you’ll never get tired playing this one.

Unique features – 3D mobile cricket game which can be played held right in your hand. Customize your players and even the cheer banners for your team. Play as many cricket shots as you want – Dil-scoop, Helicopter shot, and Uper-Cut. Realistic animations, more game venues, newer controls and camera angles – this game is designed to give the most advanced 3D experience in the world of mobile cricket gaming.

What to expect –Autoplay mode for bowling and batting. You can even enjoy the Blitz Tournament absolutely free.

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10. Gardenscapes

You are sure to love this free to download PC game – a simple, refreshing, and one of the most popular among kids and adults alike.

Game popularity – The game has a captivating storyline that is sure to keep you glued on to it for long hours. The game has a simple but interesting concept. You have been hired to bring back to life a once beautiful but dwindling garden. But the task is not that simple. Expect a whole plethora of unexpected twists and turns in your way as you get on to doing this seemingly simple task. If you want to know about the best android games download, then check out our blog post.


Final Words

There’s a whole world out there on the Internet bombarded with tons of PC games free download versions, each promising unique features, exciting challenges, lesser installation time, and full versions to play and enjoy absolutely free of charge. However, it’s important to take note of the fact that some of these games can become highly addictive for all the wrong reasons, especially to the younger generation. It becomes increasingly important for the parents/adults to keep a check on what the kids are downloading and spending their time on playing online. Better to be safe than repent later when it’s too late.


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